The META Group has operations across 8 countries in the region, forming a contiguous block of operations, able to provide its customers with well priced equipment, readily available spare parts and high quality technical service.

Professional Strengths

We represent some leading equipment manufacturers in the world, and with our wide experience in this market, we are focused on customer service and dedicated to identifying their needs and providing solutions. Our dedicated sales representatives and product support team are ready to assist in the selection of suitable equipment along with any necessary attachments for your application to give you a complete solution for all of your equipment needs. We understand that product support is key to success in this industry; hence we have an experienced, well-trained service team who can maintain machines and troubleshoot problems, using advanced diagnostic to reduce down time. Our service team offers annual maintenance contracts, extended warranty and sure price schemes to provide peace of mind to the customer. And we stock a wide selction of parts, and our focus on fast-moving and wear parts ensure a fast turnaround, whether it’s for servicing or repair.